Artistic Tags

Currently the only way to find relevant content on is with tags. Certain tags have specific uses or meanings derived from the definition of the word used as a tag.


the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor)

Definition of photography

This tag is one of the most misused tags on By definition the tag should be used by those wishing to discuss photography or display their work.



the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Works produced by human creative skill and imagination.

Creative activity resulting in the production of paintings, drawings, or sculpture.

Definition of art

Another frequently misused tag. While there are a lot of different types of art they all have one thing in common. They were created by someone. If you didn’t create it yourself you need give credit to the artist or cite the source where you found the image.