@cheetah – How to Appeal


by @patrice

So you’ve made @cheetah’s naughty list and she faithfully posts the following comment on each and every post you write.

Warning! This user is on my blacklist, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
To get off this list, please chat with us in the #steemitabuse-appeals channel in steemit.chat.

And now you’re wondering “What do I do now?”

The Abuse Guide

First things, first! Why did you make her naughty list? If you don’t know, check your replies for the !cheetah ban comment. If the comment doesn’t give you a clue head over to #steemitabuse-appeals on steemit.chat. If no one responds right away, check back. The channel is not staffed 24/7.

Once you have the reason you were banned – you need to think long and hard about your future here in the Steemit community. You only get one shot at redemption. If you are blacklisted again there will be no further appeals granted.

Accounts are usually only blacklisted after repeated comments and warnings from @steemcleaners or other respected members of the community or if the offense is very serious. Such as stealing content from other Steemian’s. Accounts committing ID theft/deception and other serious offenses will never be considered for removal from the list.

The requirements for being removed from @cheetah’s naughty list can vary depending on the user, the offense committed, and the frequency of past abuse. You may even find the requirements in the comment where you were banned.

Below is the guidelines for the average run of the mill plagiarism, spam, or copy & paste offense:

  • Review the abuse guide here.
  • Post, comment & show @steemcleaners and the community you wish to be an active part of steemit.com in good standing for at least 7 days prior to asking for an appeal.
  • Check the pinned messages in the #steemitabuse-appeals channel for information what your appeal post should contain.
  • Post a link to your appeal in the #steemitabuse-appeals channel.
  • After reviewing your appeal and posting history @steemcleaners may remove you at our discretion.

Anyone practicing identity theft or deception, do not waste our time or yours asking for an appeal. We have zero tolerance.

If you have previously been granted an appeal, ditto.

Do not harass members of @steemcleaners as it will not further your cause and you will be ignored.

The Abuse Guide

First step is familiarizing yourself with what the community considers abuse. Head over and read:
Abuse Guide – 2017 Update

I also recommend checking out these posts:
Tag Spam & High Frequency Posting Guide
Plagiarism Guide
Identity & Content Verification Guide: When to Ask and When Not To
Adding Value to Steemit through Sharing
When is sharing another contributor’s content appropriate?
Why Cite Sources

Posting & Commenting while banned

“I’ve read the abuse guide so what’s next?”

“You want me to post and comment for 7 days while @cheetah comments on my every post? WHY?!?!”

Seven days is just the standard for average abusers. You may be requested to participate for a longer or shorter time while on @cheetah’s list depending on the offense.

If you have been placed on @cheetah’s blacklist there was a reason. We’d like for you to show @steemcleaners and the community that you understand the offense by not repeating it and to show your commitment to being part of the community by still being a part of it. Many times these posts can still earn rewards if they are done well.

If you need help with content, posting, or formatting get help! There are groups out there willing to help. If you have specific questions on abuse you cans ask them in #ask-patrice on Discord. There will also be a 2 hour show every week on MSP Waves Radio where @patrice will talk about questions asked during the week, MSP members can ask questions about any type of abuse in chat.

What is an appeals post?

What’s next? An appeals post! This can be posted at anytime prior to asking to be removed from @cheetah’s blacklist.

Venezuela, The United States Grand Plan to Discredit Socialism

Acknowledge your offense and that you understand it:

I acknowledge that not citing the source of photos and letting others believe they are my own work(s) is plagiarism. I also acknowledge that using copyrighted photos with or without citing the source steals from the original creator.

A sincere apology to the community by the offender:

I apologize to all the Steemians out there that are working hard to create their own content.

A promise never to repeat the offense ever again:

I promise to never, ever, ever plagiarize another photograph!

Asking for an appeal

“Whew! It’s been a long week! @cheetah has dogged my heels faithfully on every post! I’ve learned my lesson! How do I get off this list for good?”

Take a trip to #steemitabuse-appeals and post a link to your appeal and ask politely to be removed. The channel is staffed by volunteers and someone may not be available immediately to check your recent posting and comment history so please be patient.


Day One – steemitabuse-appeals

Applicant: Please remove my account from the blacklist.
Steemcleaner: <lists above procedure for removal>
Applicant: I made a mistake! Can’t you remove me now?
Steemcleaner: No, please follow the process listed.
Applicant: You’lll remove me after 10 days?
Steemcleaner: Yes if you follow the steps and do not post more abuse.
Applicant: Thanks

Day One 6 hours later

Applicant: @steemcleaner Why will you not remove me from the blacklist?
Applicant: @steemcleaner Please give me one more chance!
Steemcleaner: @applicant You were given instructions on how to get off the blacklist. That is your second chance.
Applicant: @cheetah Please take me off the blacklist. 🙁

Day Four after two previous days of pleading.

Applicant: @steemcleaner Please give me one more chance!
Applicant: @steemcleaner Why will you not remove me from the blacklist?
Applicant#2: @steemcleaner Please give me one more chance!
Steemcleaner: @applicant You were given instructions on how to get removed. Please stop asking us. The process states do not harass members of @steemcleaners
Applicant: I’m not harassing I’m just asking!!!
Steemcleaner: <mental face-palm> @applicant your appeal will be denied if you continue to waste my time.
@Applicant#2 Can I help you?

Yes there are users that actually copy & paste other appeals requests and comments. While quite a few have a poor understanding of English and do it for expediency others just take plagiarism to the extreme. I wish rocketchat had a built in translator, it would expedite things in some cases if it was decent.

But back to the topic at hand. While it may not seem like harassment to plead and beg it is a waste of our time and yours. Once you have been given the means to appeal we welcome questions and will answer them. Just don’t waste our time or test our patience.

Contacting members of @steemcleaners by mention or direct message will not expidite your request to be removed.

Take This Seriously!

You get one chance at this. So don’t go back to scamming, spamming, & plagiarizing with your account.

Just because you ask for an appeal doesn’t mean it will be granted. There are things such as ID theft that stay with your account for life!

Buying a New Account

If you do not wish to follow the appeals process or have been denied. There are respected services provided by members of the community where you may “purchase” a new account.

Disclaimer: The example I used is one of my very first posts where I forgot to cite the source where I found the image. Everyone makes mistakes!

Updates to the Appeals Process

Updates to the appeals process can be found on our site.